FREE DIY Face mask pattern and video tutorial - Doing our part

HOW TO MAKE A FACE MASK is a highly googled phrase these days. And being that it's in such high demand you can find all sorts of free tutorials on You Tube and blogs everywhere.

DIY face mask tutorials are available on rectangular ones with pockets for filters to respiratory style ones that cover the contours of the face and/or filters for medical staff and people at risk. 

Any one of these options are great. If we all helped to prevent germs from being spread any further than the inside of the mask we could get through this a lot quicker. So, Yes, I am an advocate for the face mask. Period. Its quite clearly a simple way to contain  more of the virus from spreading when we all are diligent in protecting others from ourselves.

Unfortunately, we have no idea who is and isn't a carrier!

You may not feel sick at all and still be infecting hundreds of people through your breath and germs. Spit happens! You are not going to stop the moisture droplets from covering things when you breath, and the virus thrives in these undetectable do your part and be responsible. Cover up! I know I am protecting you, are you protecting others?

If you are uncomfortable with a mask then create a bandanna, a cowl necked scarf or any material that will help to keep germs under wraps. You can look stylish while doing your part to slow the spread.

In case you are interested in helping people on the front lines or offering face masks to your friends and family I have a .SVG Pattern with a small and medium sized mask, respiratory style available for download, which you can print and sew. It comes with written instructions as well as a link to a video tutorial. Please feel free to share and spread the love.

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