Sustainability and green fashion

What makes Andrea Durham Designs a sustainable and eco friendly clothing line?

I believe this to be a matter of preference and personal ideology. Therefore, I may or may not align with ones personal ideas of what is truly “green”. With that out of the way here is my own belief and mission statement about how I am reducing the ecological footprint in the fashion industry and saving the planet with slow fashion. 

First and foremost I work towards slowing down the manufacturing process of unsustainable fabrics.  I look at what we already have made. I see what is already there and needs to be used and think how imperative it is to our future success as a planet to stop creating more waste.

As a designer that recycles fabrics and has a, little to no waste mission statement, you will find all types of fabrics being used in my clothing. It may come from thrifted clothing I have saved from my local thrift stores or from deadbolt fabric no one found useful. I find this stock from estate sales, fabric warehouses and yard sales. Some of these fabrics I can only surmise the blends. Some I am certain of.

You may find my designs have multi colored seams or fabrics are used in directions that are effective but leave the least waste behind. All of these methods are my way of making certain that I appreciate and fully embrace the beautiful fabrics and findings that exist. 

I have just recently added to the eco friendly designs organic fabrics and dyes. With regards to the sustainability of the organic cottons, hemp and bamboo I feel strongly about how each plant is processed and what it offers in the way of a green footprint. I am making many fabrics accessible to my clientele because each of you also have your own beliefs and mission in the organic clothing journey. 

Please feel free to contact me with questions you may have. And thank you for considering Andrea Durham Designs as your eco friendly clothing designer.